How Much Does A Pgdm Graduate Earn In India?

A job and qualification is really important in a person’s life. Of the various job opportunities available in India, one very famous and widely followeD field is Management.

This sector has seen a recent boom in the number of employment opportunities available. There are various courses available in this field which are quite useful like MBA and PGDM.

A PGDM is a 2-year diploma course for management students who want to learn management through real-life experience. Unlike an MBA which is more classroom and session-oriented, a PGDM course is more practical oriented.

Students are encouraged to do part-time jobs along with their studies. This helps one to earn along with their studies and also obtain real-life work experience.

Many people believe that a PGDM is inferior to an MBA. This is a false assumption as PGDM provides students with a lot of real-life experience. This helps PGDM students to land jobs quite easily.

They can even pursue internships during their PGDM course tenure. As far as placements and the industry is concerned, PGDM has equal if not more valuable than an MBA.

PGDM just like MBA provides students with several skills that can help students who are not interested in working in the Management field but pursuing a career in some other field like software engineering etc. or running a business of their own.

Placements and job opportunities:

A PGDM graduate similar to an MBA graduate has access to all the job opportunities and placements in companies. The only drawback of a PGDM is that it is harder to pursue higher studies and/or PhDs after PGDM unlike MBA.

If your ultimate goal is a well-paying job and not further studies then PGDM is your go-to destination. 

PGDM courses are conducted by many leading institutions like IIM’s and other colleges and universities. All these institutions provide placement opportunities to several companies and across various fields like management, IT, Manufacturing industries, real estate, Pharmacy, and so on.

A mainstream management career may be one of your first and foremost goals. Even people who are interested in other fields that require the expertise in management and skills associated with it can pursue a PGDM.

What are the various salary packages available to PGDM graduates?

PGDM graduates enjoy the same placement and job opportunities as that of an MBA graduate. PGDM graduates have average salary packages starting from 2 lakh to 15 lakh per annum.

These figures are quite similar to those obtained by an MBA graduate. The figures only rise in more developed countries and other foreign countries. Thus, a PGDM offers quite a flexible salary stack and a lot of skills.

Another huge advantage here is that PGDM encourages active internships and part-time jobs which allows students to earn while studying. This is less common for an MBA course. All these are some of the merits of PGDM. All this makes PGDM a go-to solution for a lot of students.

MBA’s popularity has put PGDM in the backseat but due to this, we seem to forget the opportunities and jobs associated with the course.

Where do I learn PGDM?

Several institutions like IIM and the number of colleges in almost all the cities throughout India. The course fees average from 1 to 20 lakhs depending on the institution. Entrance tests are regularly conducted for student intake. 

In a job oriented country like India, where opportunities to employees open up regularly, and a course like PGDM can set a difference in your employment status. A PGDM could land you a well-paying job that suits your tastes. All this and more make PGDM courses quite resourceful. It is recommended that you enroll for a PGDM course at a good institution to get all the necessary skills. 

If you are still doubtful about the career and job opportunities after pursuing a PGDM degree, we would suggest you to go for any pay after placement programs.

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2 thoughts on “How Much Does A Pgdm Graduate Earn In India?

  1. Does both the degreee have same values overseas also ?? I’m planning to do a PGDM in pay after placement, but I am looking for a career in gulf countries. Is PGDM a good choice for me ?

    1. Yes. Unless you are going for higher studies, An MBA and PGDM is equivalent degrees in the professional world. PGDM will help you to get more of practical experience in business compared to MBA

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