The Only Mba With Money Back Guarantee

An MBA is a course that is often favored by a lot of people. Many of us have a dream to do an MBA but seldom have we got to do it. The major problem we face is that of the course fees.

Due to this, India is losing several great management field employees and businessmen who would’ve made an impact on our economy had they obtained the chance they deserved.

This is why we at IndiaForFuture has partnered up with sunstone Eduversity to bring you an opportunity like none other.

We provide students with the first of its kin MBA with money back guarantee so that they can learn management without the tension of high fees. We are providing this revolutionary idea just for you.

Either you can obtain a placement or you get a full refund of the entire course fees.

We believe in the growth and development of the skills acquired by our students more than money. This is why we have brought forward a revolutionary idea. An MBA opportunity like none other. We provide the best training and thus the best Employees.

What makes us the best?

This is a relevant question. Apart from our never before seen fee structure, we provide importance to training ad placements. We make sure that the students are industry-ready and meet the expectations and requirements of all the companies. A satisfying environment to the students and precious and best in class employees to companies. 

As each year goes by more companies come to us in search of job-ready MBA graduates and companies who already have relations with us want more. 

We provide a curriculum that is industry-aligned, technology-driven, internship supportive and we provide world-class faculty.

We have launched a world-class India first MBA that comes with a money-back guarantee.

An MBA that goes easy on the students pocket.

Here, students either get placed or they get a complete refund of their tuition fees.

Through this, we want to open up the opportunities for a wider audience and also reinstate the trust of MBA students in academic placements.

We have immense confidence in its curriculum, pedagogy, and deep industry connections, which empowers its ideology of NO PLACEMENT NO FEE and introduction of MONEY BACK GUARANTEE MBA.

MBA with money-back guarantee: How does it work?

We take full responsibility for our students future. We provide students the breathing space so that they can study peacefully without tension about their fees. Students can pay the fee amount with complete trust in us because either you will get a placement or you get a full refund. Let’s see how that works:

  • Students who are interested to pursue a career in MBA enroll for the two-year course. He/She has to do this by paying a fixed amount of 3,15,000 during admission.  Of this, INR 65,000 is the admission fee and the ret i.e, 2,50,000 is the tution fee. He/She can then pay the amount of tuition fees in advance even as installments.
  • Now, after the initial payment, the students don’t have to pay anything for the next two years of their academics. 
  • After they have completed their MBA, they can get a job at a firm of their choice from our various placement partners.
  • If you don’t obtain placements, don’t worry because you will get a refund of the entire amount. We make sure that students get the best education at a nominal price.

The tuition fees can also be paid in installments over a period of approximately 1 year starting from the date of admission. You can refer the table below for details.

Amount TypeAmount to be paidDeadline
Admission Fees+Tuition fee Installment 11,05,00001 April 2020
Tuition fee Installment 21,05,00001 December 2020
Tuition fee Installment 31,05,00001 April 2021

All these features help students who could not have done an MBA before to get an MBA and obtain placement. This also means you can pay back your fees using your own money thus reducing the stress for your parents. 

This is one of the many reasons why you can select IndiaForFreedom, Sunstone Eduversity without any stress. We are proud to bring the hope and set the goals of students who could only dream till now.

We also provide an alternative for students where they have to pay after placement. You can read more about that here.

If you have any doubts regarding this scholarship, you can contact our office directly at by sending an enquiry through a a call or whatsapp to +91 9744 66 01 02

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