How to attend an interview if you are not confident in English?

Nowadays, a job is one of the most important yet hard to get things. Almost all jobs today has an interview procedure to shortlist candidates. This helps the firm to select the best candidates. We must therefore always be ready to face such an interview.

One of the most common things that come to our mind when we talk about an interview in the English language. People often find this as their biggest weakness. We even see people who skip interviews due to their fear of not knowing English.

English communication is important but so are other factors. People fail to understand the notion that companies are looking for good employees and not English dictionaries or chatbots. 

In an interview, your skills, personality, and behavior greatly outweigh your knowledge of the English language. 

I know English…But….

People fail to understand the notion that companies are looking for good employees and not English dictionaries or chatbots. 

People often understand English, can read and write English fluently but feel shy or afraid when speaking. If you are one such person, the best thing you can do is to practice with your friends.

The more you speak a language, the better you become. You may be able to write an essay or article but if you fail to communicate in English, your knowledge will always remain partial.

If you feel shy to practice with friends or family, you can always try speaking to yourself in front of the mirror. 

One thing to be noted here is that you must be accurate with your pronunciation. Mispronounced words can make a conversation awkward. Good pronunciation can help you to make an impression that is hard to achieve.

But at the end of the day, Language is only for communication !

I don’t know English…

Not everyone is well versed in everything. Are they? Nah !

Say your interview is around the corner and you don’t have time left to practice. Just remember that the interview is not just about speaking English. Try to remain calm and composed.

Make sure that you maintain your courage. Speak openly, try to be interactive. Convey your thoughts and ideas without any bias. Be truthful and don’t boast. Try to show your skills in a specific field. Don’t panic.

How to attend an Interview?

  1. Don’t get tensed. Remain calm.
  2. Dress well. A neat and formal attire is always encouraged.
  3. Be honest and truthful.
  4. Punctuality matters.
  5. Try to convey your thoughts correctly.
  6. If you can’t understand, clarify your doubts. It’s not bad to interact with the interview board.
  7. Try to impress the board by showing them your skills.
  8. Make sure your resume is correct, up to date, genuine, and well prepared.
  9. Respond actively to the board and keep them engaged with you.
  10. Convey any problems you have with the board like language or uneasiness. 
  11. At the end of an interview, it is always suggested that you ask for suggestions from the board and make sure to convey your acknowledgments.
  12. Maintain your posture while walking, sitting and talking.

It is quite easy to land a job through an interview by following all the steps. Be yourself and have faith in yourself. Don’t keep the board waiting for answers just pour whatever comes into your mind. 

Interviews should be taken with a clear and carefree mind and unwanted pressure and stress will only worsen your experience.

English and its importance:

English, being a globally acknowledged language and being well known is often the medium for communication in an interview.

One must master English to perform his/her best in an Interview. English alone though won’t help you qualify before the board. 

You can learn English by reading books, writing articles and speaking with people. You don’t need to be afraid to speak broken or incomplete English.

Try to do your best. Practice makes perfect. Consider doing a course or learn through experience. Try to build up an environment where you can comfortably speak in English. If you are wrong, correct yourself.

There is no reason to feel bad or ashamed. Try to be as casual and easy as possible.

Understand the pronunciation, grammar, and meaning of the words. Try to speak clearly and fluently. Even if you are good with English, there is one thing that often disappoints interview boards easily. It is the speed of speech.

Don’t be too hasty or too slow. Be clear, concise, to the point. Use every word in such a way that it helps you to earn the job.

An interview is not that hard to crack for someone who can work hard and diligently. Try to make yourself calm and comfortable and the next time you see the interviewer it’ll be from your office/site. 

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