Pay Fees After Placement only – MBA and PGDM programs

Ever thought about getting an MBA degree but thought about your fee and dropped on that idea? Well worry no more.

IndiaForFuture, In association with Sunstone University, is bringing you an opportunity to get yourself an MBA through an innovative and stress-free experience. An MBA provides you with a high salary, less job pressure, great space for career growth, and a great corporate job.

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An MBA can help students to achieve their goals in entering the management industry. It is a 2-year course where students get to learn the major concepts regarding management.

It is more of a theory-based approach and an MBA graduate can go ahead and pursue higher studies and PhD’s. If one is looking for job opportunities, then an MBA provides several job opportunities in the management sector and even in other varying domains like IT, medicine, industries etc.

You might find a lot of news regarding people enrolling for an MBA and not getting any placements. This may have made you feel doubtful about whether you need to join for an MBA course. Fret Not. We are providing you an awesome opportunity. 

Yes. India now has its Business school where you can pursue your MBA without worrying about fees. We are providing students the opportunity to study an MBA without paying fees initially. The idea is to provide placement to all students and then the students can remit their fees as and when possible.

How does it work?

Students can learn MBA  by registering for the course. They have two options:

  1. They can pay the fees after they get an MBA and placement. I.e. no placement, no fees. We have brought this policy to ensure that each of our students get equal opportunity in finding and landing their dream job.
  2. The students can pay the fees. If they don’t obtain placement, later on, we assure full refunds. This way you can be sure that your child is in safe hands.

Through this, we want to allow students to succeed in their life and career and make sure that money, fees, and other issues doesn’t stand in their way in achieving goals.

IndiaForFuture is bringing this opportunity which is changing the way we see education. In the beginning, you only have to pay the registration and other fees like library fees, examination fees and so on.

You don’t have to pay the tuition fee for the course. You can pay it after you have completed your MBA ad has got placement. This is the assurance we are providing our students.

Step 1:

Students can enroll for the 2 year MBA program by paying the Registration fee of 1.25 lakhs which constitutes the following:

The fee structure:

Registration fees65,000/-
Examination fees20,000/-
Student Welfare fee

Library fees7,700
Lab Fees7,700
Technology Fees9.600
Campus & Development Fees7.500
Co-curricular, Alumni Association and Seminars7,500

Note: This doesn’t include the tuition fees for the course. 

Step 2:

Now, the students can learn without paying anything extra for the next 2 years. 

Step 3:

After 2 years, the students will obtain placement. Now, the student can pay the tuition fees, and that too based on your monthly salary. The tuition fee is approximately 10 times your gross monthly salary up to a maximum of 6 lakhs.

For more clarity, we can see an example. Let us say you get a monthly salary of say 40,000.  Let us use this to calculate your tuition fees. 

So you obtain 40,000 as a salary from your placement. Now 10 times this is 4,00,000. The amount you paid while joining is 1,25,000. Adding these together, we have 5,25,000 as your total course fee, out of which, you have already paid 1,25,000 during admission. So the total amount left to be paid is 4,00,000.

Check out the table below for more clarity:

Monthly SalaryTuition Fees(10x Salary)Registration +Other ChargesTotal Fees

Scholarship Based Pay after Placement Plan

Another affordable plan for students is the scholarship based placement plan. Under this plan, meritorious students get a waiver in their fees. 

Firstly, unlike other students, students who secure scholarship has to pay just 65,000 as initial fee compared to the 1,25,000 for regulars to enroll for the program. The breakdown of this fee structure is as follows:

Registration fees65,000/-
Examination fees20,000/-
Student Welfare fee

Library fees7,700
Lab Fees7,700
Technology Fees9.600
Campus & Development Fees7.500
Co-curricular, Alumni Association and Seminars7,500
Scholarship Waiver60,000/-(Discount)

Secondly, as before, you dot have to pay any other fees for the next two years until course completion and obtain a placement.

Finally, after obtaining your placement in a good company, you just have to pay back the tuition fees which is 10 times your gross monthly salary to a total maximum of 6,00,000.

We believe that you are clear with how the No Placement, No Fee structure works. This is an initiative to help students to build their career without any hindrance by IndiaForFuture.

If you are still in doubt, you can contact our office directly at by sending an enquiry through a a call or Whatsapp to +91 9744 66 01 02

You can get a councillor who speaks your local language to assist you !

Is it only avaliable for MBA ?

No. The pay after placement is available for PGDM courses also. Actually, PGDM is almost similar to an MBA but more of like a practical MBA.

So which to prefer, An MBA or PGDM ?

In today’s world, good education, and a good job is as important as food, shelter, or water and has become one of the most basic needs. A career in Management is one of the most popular choices available. With a number of opportunities and choices presented to students, it’s easy for them to get confused.

It eventually ends up between confusion regarding whether one should pursue an MBA or go for PGDM. 

Why MBA?

An MBA or Master of Business Administration is typically a 2-year post-graduate course for business and management studies. It is a really great course for students wishing to get into the business and management field.

MBA courses are available at many leading universities and institutions all around India and there are even more opportunities when you go abroad. It’s just a matter of finding a university or college that satisfies you.

It is a 2 year, 4-semester course where importance is given to theory and understanding of various concepts and theories in the domain. It opens up a number of job opportunities in diverse fields and the students can even go ahead and join for higher studies and research in the field of management.

At the end of the day, you get a post-graduate degree which will surely help you fulfil your dreams.


A PGDM or Post Graduate Diploma in Management is another alternative route to an MBA. It grants you a Diploma instead of a degree.

This is again a 2-year course but one which focusses entirely on fieldwork rather than classrooms and theory. It is a great course to do if you want to get your hands dirty and learn things by actually working in the domain of your choice.

You get a chance to do internships, paid jobs, and part-time jobs while studying. Though not as common as MBA, PGDM is quite popular and are provided in IIMs and various other institutions

Major Difference between MBA and PGDM:

A lot of people usually believe that PGDM has fewer opportunities than an MBA. I believe that this is a wrong notion as both have almost the exact same value when we look at the field.

The main difference here is actually how various skills are taught in both these courses. MBA is a bit more theory-oriented, classroom course when compared with the likes of PGDM. PGDM, on the other hand, is more of fieldwork where the students are encouraged to go ahead and interact with various individuals working on this field.

PGDM even encourages students to do part-time jobs and internships. Thus students can even earn some money while studying. With these courses are seen equally and provide the same employment opportunities when compared with each other.

The main advantage of an MBA Is that it provides more opportunities for students who wish to pursue higher education in this field. It also helps you to go ahead for Ph.D.’s.

What should you choose?

The question of what one should pursue, i.e. if one should do a PGDM or MBA is actually up to the student and his goals. Both courses have similar value in the job sector.

People usually think of a diploma as inferior to a degree but it is not entirely true. The diploma holders have good work experience and knowledge as they get to do the things they learn.

They do have a better chance of landing a job due to this. If you are opting for something like higher studies or Ph.D., MBA is the best route for you. So the choice generally depends on your requirements and comfort.

Both these courses are widely available in various colleges and universities around India and other foreign countries and it is recommended that you go through these institutions and have a firm understanding of your goal before you decide to go for any of these courses. 

Management is by far one of the best fields for one to engage in today and thorough analysis and a good selection of a course and the institution can land you a safe and secure job. 

If you are still in doubt on which to choose, you can contact our office directly to get an experienced councillor. Also, If you are qualified you may get a scholarship or “pay fees only after getting placed” scheme under any good universities.

You can reach us by sending an enquiry through a call or Whatsapp to +91 9744 66 01 02. You can get a councillor who speaks your local language to assist you !

Which Stream to choose ?

An MBA/PGDM is an excellent choice for students who are interested in a career in management. Therefore, a management degree is often a highly favored course for many students. Especially in a country like India, the number of students who pursue an MBA/PGDM is only increasing day by day. As we are speaking about an MBA/PGDM, we must talk about the various job opportunities, institutions, placements, and also most importantly the specializations students must look forward to.

MBA/PGDM come with several job opportunities starting with internships and ending at placements. Another advantage of getting an MBA/PGDM is that you get to pursue higher education or even research.

An MBA/PGDM is a 2-year post-graduation course that can be found at several famous universities and colleges. This course aims to help students who want to become successful in the management field and students who wish to obtain managerial skills that they wish to use in another domain achieve their goals. One very important question that remains is which specialization to opt for and why?

How to select a specialization?

When the question about specialization comes, most students don’t have a clarity. They often don’t give this proper thought regarding their specialization. This is not recommended as deciding a specialization is important. Most students only look at the institution, placement, and the fees. Let me be clear here taking the wrong specialization can only give you trouble and make your education difficult. 

It can help you in achieving your career goals and provide you with the opportunity to learn what you like. So it is important to learn about various specializations and give some thought as to which specialization you are going to opt for and why you need to opt for it.

Some of the many specializations for an MBA/PGDM are:

  1. MBA/PGDM in Marketing: One of the most sought out specializations, an MBA/PGDM in marketing is the perfect place for you if you have a creative mind. A marketing in MBA/PGDM as the name suggests is all about marketing. Some of the most valuable skill sets that an MBA/PGDM student willing to do this specialization should possess are:
    1. Good communication skills to communicate with your clients.
    2. Great analytical skills.
    3. Empathizing the customer.
    4. He/she needs to be bold, enthusiastic, patient, and creative.
    5. Understand the big picture and act accordingly.
  2. MBA/PGDM in Digital Marketing: Another one of the favorites and most grossing specialization right now. Digital marketing demands technical skills along with marketing and managerial skills. That being said, someone who wishes to study digital marketing should be technically creative. He/she must be well versed in different free/ paid tools and websites like SEO, Click Ads, Social Media, and so on.
    1. They must be swift in their actions and should adapt to the situation.
    2. Analyze through web tools.
    3. Understand the movement of a rival and act accordingly
    4. Always stay up to date and fin new ways to outsmart the competition
  3. MBA/PGDM in Finance: The most in-demand specialization where you find almost one-third of all MBA/PGDM holders. High pay packages, the opportunity to grow are some of the main attractive features here. 
    1. He/She should be good at solving problems.
    2. Analyze data and take decisions
    3. Showcase professionalism.
    4. Be an honest, hardworking, trustworthy, and reliable employee. 
  4. MBA/PGDM in Human Resource Management: HR has the job to find recruits, train them, and systematically organize them. HR should be someone ready to take several responsibilities and fulfill them.
    1. Good at training, negotiating, and interacting.
    2. Be corporative and flexible.
    3. Great at multitasking.
    4. Have a good grasp of ethics and act accordingly in a tough situation.
    5. Manage employees and recruits.
  1. MBA/PGDM in Operations Management: It includes the need to plan, execute, and manage operations like product design, procurement, manufacturing, etc.
    1. Supervise all the tasks related to product/service.
    2. Have great organizational skills
    3. Provide importance to quality
    4. Have a sense of accountability.
  1. MBA/PGDM in Information Technology: This is a rather new field but a budding one. This field is best for students who have technical skills combined with managerial skills. It includes various activities like database creation, maintenance, security maintenance, and so on.
    1. Have access and knowledge of certain technologies.
    2. He/she must be able to identify a target and achieve it
    3. Ability to focus on resources.
    4. Guide the rest of the team who may not have the technical know-how.
  2. MBA/PGDM  in International Business: It depends on conducting and coordinating businesses at a global level. You get to learn norma subjects but from a global point of view.
    1. Have good communication skills.
    2. I possess the ability to look at everything as a bigger picture.
    3. Be curious and learn quickly.
    4. I possess a passion for traveling.
    5. Must understand and adapt to the cultures of various countries.
  1. MBA/PGDM in Business Analytics: it Is a fast-growing specialization and is centered around the idea of a vast amount of accurate data collection and organization.
    1. Have the ability to solve problems.
    2. Understand and analyze large amounts of data and create inferences.
    3. BE skilled at communicating.
    4. Know various data analytic tools.
    5. They must demonstrate critical thinking and analytic skills.
  2. MBA/PGDM in Event Management: Another one of the recently popular specializations. It is centered around conducting, managing, and organizing events successfully. As simple as it may seem, a companies entire future may depend on an event and therefore this is a very complex and serious task. 
    1. He/she is meant to have the ability to identify the target audience.
    2. Good social and community awareness.
    3. Developing theme of events.
    4. Organizing the event
    5. Coordinating the timing and other technical para, meters.
  3. MBA/PGDM in Healthcare Management: Another very crucial specialization. It requires students to have some ideas of the medical field. It provides job opportunities in the pharmaceutical sector, government agencies, insurance organizations, hospitals, and consulting firms. 
    1. Ethical judgment is a very important skill here.
    2. God Communication and quick thinking.
    3. Relationship building.
    4. Leadership

Here, we have seen a few of the many specializations available for an MBA student to choose from. Each specialization has its advantages and disadvantages. Therefore, we must take proper caution and think hard and well before deciding on a specification.

Make sure to connect with the councillors and choose the best course only for your career.

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