Digital Marketing: How To Build A Successful Career In India

When it comes to education and job people often make a lot of mistakes. Taking on a dream job without proper training can lead to a lot of problems.

It can even make you hate what once you thought was your life. A job in Marketing or business is a go-to destination for many millennials. With technology on the rise, marketing got replaced by digital marketing.

Online sales of goods and services are one of the most booming and ever-growing business areas. 

How to make a fortune from Digital Marketing?

            India being a country with a large population and online marketing having more scope than other marketing, Digital Marketing can help you reach out to a wide audience.

You can improve the sales by a huge margin and earn profits with just the right knowledge in Digital Marketing. Many companies in India and outside are looking for such experts to extend their reach within India.

Hence, this is a great career that helps you to earn while staying in India. Since it is digital, going into it without proper guidance is risky. 

Why should you go for appropriate training?

This field unlike many others is quite flexible and has high pay. Coming into the field of digital marketing and online business is not easy.

It has lots of risks associated with them. If not done with the help if correct training or advice, it is quite easy for one to go bankrupt. With good training though, you can make a fortune.

It is a field with lots of opportunities. That is exactly why you are here looking for the best MBA courses to pursue your dream career in Digital Marketing

One of the best places to do such a course is Sunstone Eduversity. We provide quality education which opens up numerous opportunities to you.

Career Opportunities:

Digital Marketing opens up a wide range of career opportunities, paths for you to follow. You can move ahead in many completely different paths after studying this course. Some of the many things you can do after you complete this management course are:

Career options after MBA in Digital  MarketingAverage Salary for MBA Digital Marketing GraduatesOverview of your jobDuties associated with your job
Digital Marketing Manager4 lakhs to 10 lakhsYou get to guide and be in control of various businesses. It will help you to work in developing, guiding and upgrading digital marketing strategies of various businesses helping them to sell their products. This is often done through various channels like email marketing, e-commerce promotions, creating brand awareness and social media marketing.    ∙         Implement and plan out various digital Marketing campaign∙         A brand’s identity is how it’s presented on social media. You get to represent your brand on social media.∙         Get your own team to work with you. Train and work with them.∙         Take note and act according to the current trends in marketing and rivals.
Web Developer or Designer3 lakhs to 6 lakhsYou get to design and develop websites for the business, you are maintaining. A website helps the business to grow much faster. Web Designers and developers have to create and maintain websites, implement SEO strategies and manage the budget for the web apps. It is the backbone of digital marketing.
Create and manage the budget for web apps.  Design web page layouts.∙         Editing and updating website content.∙         Look after maintenance and troubleshooting∙         Implement SEO strategies∙         Enhance user satisfaction and user indulgence.  
SEO Executive or Expert3 lakhs to 7 lakhsThe job of an SEO Executive or Expert is to conduct Search Engine Optimization. They have to organize and maintain the website in such a way it gets noticed very easily by the users. Every company needs help from SEO experts so that they can outrun their rivals and climb up Google rankings. This helps in getting a better reach from the public. ∙         You get to work with the content team and guide them to get up ahead on the SEO charts.∙         You have to keep track of the competitors and their advertising strategies.∙         Optimize data, pages and the the website itself through SEO strategies like link building and paid market campaigns. ∙         Identify trends and insights
PPC/SEM Expert3 lakhs to 5 lakhsA Pay per click or Search Engine Marketing Expert makes sure that the Internet ads of the business are successful. It is a crucial job in Digital Marketing. They create, tweak and promote ads for the business to expand their reach.Plan and execute PPC campaignsAnalyse market trends and competitor strategiesProvide creative and Technical input for ad content and graphics.Monitor budget to gain better ROI
Social Media Manager3.5 lakhs to 7 lakhsManage the business presence in social media sites. Handle post and reach of various posts. Promote quality content. Make sure that the posts get noticed. Keep track of the campaigns through web analytics and create strong strategies to stand with market demand and goals.Create, promote and publish engaging contentCommunicate with followers and respond to queriesMonitor customer satisfaction and SEO rankingsCreate and execute brand engagement activitiesKeep track of market trends and competitor strategies
Content Marketing Manager7 lakhs to 15 lakhsCreate and promote creative, informative, engaging and high quality content for the customer. Handle promotions through websites, ads and social media and interact with the content team.Create, edit and proofread content written by the writers.Avoid plagiarismAssure Quality.Promote content through social mediaKeep track of customer interaction and satisfaction.

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