Skills To Gather From Outside An Mba Classroom!

Education has become a very important factor in our day to day life with several changes or updations coming every day. Today, the world has developed so much that knowledge no longer has bounds.

Knowledge cannot be bound to look. With more and more advancements to learning, we have come to that point where we need to find more. The competition in the industry is rising and after all this, just byhearting the textbook contents or scoring a solid 100% in your exams are not going to provide you with opportunities.

Today, the world is built on skills. You could have a doctorate in a specific subject but if you doesn’t have the necessary skills, you will never be able to hang on to your job or get a better job.

Interviews often test your skills, your experience at working with real-life so keep in mind to note some of the many skills that may not be taught to you at a B School.

Some skills you need to hone yourself:

  1. Real-life Experience: Unlike PGDM, an MBA is a class course that constitutes more theory that real-life experience. one of the most necessary and atomic skills one should possess is the skill to apply what you have learned in real life.
  2. Communicating with clients: In your career, you may find different kinds of clients with different viewpoints and thoughts. One major skill one should acquire is to communicate with clients and understand their problems from their point of view.
  3. Handle stress and work pressure: Another skill which is often important but cannot be simulated at a B-school is a real-life business environment. For any major business, every second count and the way you utilize time is very important. Understanding and adapting to stressful situations and guiding yourself and your colleagues out of these is a key skill any MBA graduate should possess.
  4. Understanding your boundaries: Sometimes, you need to know when and where to speak. Wrong and hasty decisions, sometimes even a misunderstanding can end business relations and cause great loss for a business. Focusing on finding solutions to problems is more important than complaining.
  5. Tolerate: Sometimes you have to tolerate and give up your differences to keep the business moving forward. We must not let our ego or passion stand in the way of the greater good.
  6. Make tough decisions: Sometimes you may have to take tough decisions. You may have to fire employees or scold them for inappropriate behavior or their actions that may damage the company in the long run.
  7. Volunteering: Sometimes, volunteering makes more sense than straight-up assigning jobs. We must make sure that freedom of choice is provided to the team.
  8. Invest time and patience: A manager should be one who must be ready to invest his time in others. He/she must be patient enough to brief everything to people under him/her. More importance should be provided to top performers and they need to be encouraged.
  9. Rumor, hearsay and gossip: Not all information is useful. A good manager is one who can identify, classify, and share useful information. If the company runs on rumors, there won’t be any more companies to run.
  10. Finding Talents: Sometimes, it is better to find someone more knowledgeable than you because you get to learn a lot of things. You can eventually train him/her to replace you. This way you won’t just be finding an employee but leading the company on the right path.
  11. Time Management: A good manager always makes his/her time well and also sets goals for good work integrity.
  12. Save and Invest: One of the most important skills is to show when to save, when to step out from an offer and where to invest to obtain maximum profit.

Above all this, one of the most important skills an MBA graduate should learn is how to incorporate his skills into his/her day to day life, and also manage his/her day to day life. How to manage life and profession.

Any educational institution can only guide you in your path. It cannot be the path. You need to forge your path with the guidance provided by them, and reach your goal.

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